Letizia Bresciani

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Dr. Letizia Bresciani is an Assistant Professor in Human Nutrition at the Department of Food and Drugs at the University of Parma. She has a Master degree and a Ph.D in Food Science and Technology (2011 and 2016) at the University of Parma.

Dr. Letizia Bresciani’s research focuses on identification and characterization of phytochemicals, mainly (poly)phenols, in plant-based foods, and their human metabolism, bioavailability and bioactivity in vivo, with a particular interest in inter-individual variability related to microbial catabolite production. She acquired a large experience in liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry, setting up validated and standardized analytical methods to identify and quantify native plant phytochemicals, as well as phytochemical and (poly)phenol human metabolites and microbial catabolites. She has also expertise in phytochemical dietary intake assessment, acquired through a new food frequency questionnaire development to evaluate the daily intake of (poly)phenols. Finally, thanks to the collaboration with other research groups of the University, she has recently started to investigate the effect of lactic acid bacteria fermentation on plant-based food (poly)phenol profile. She studies the catabolic activity of LAB on plant (poly)phenols, mainly related to the possibility to produce new functional catabolites, and to evaluate the health effect of lactic acid fermented product consumption in vivo.